Wow. Not a very original reaction to, but it’s honestly what we all said. This is real time data like we’ve never seen it before.

The team behind it have mapped London, Paris and Berlin using all the publicly available data they can lay their coding mitts on - first to show just how hyper-connected we all are, but also to provide a very real context for the release of the much anticipated Watch_Dogs.

On these interactive maps, all kinds of information is pooled to paint a landscape of modern life that is either fascinating or frightening.

From the positions of mobile signal masts, to CCTV camera locations and real time reporting on the social media habits of the people in the neighbourhood, this is about as high-tech as mapping gets. The public transport system, the traffic lights, even the locations of the public hire bikes - this site shows that somebody, somewhere, knows exactly where you are, most of the time.

Comforting or creepy?