Foxconn, which recently announced plans to launch its own line of accessories, appears to have already set the ball rolling by demoing a new smart watch.

The device, which is capable of connecting to the iPhone, can do things like show Facebook messages as well as phone calls. It's not unlike Samsung's own S Band, in that it can also do things like measure your breathing and heart rate.

Foxconn is planning some incremental upgrades to the smart watch, which include things like a fingerprint reader for security of your own personal health info.

At the moment, Foxconn is best known for its manufacture of Apple products. The company, which has a vast production base in Shenzen, China, suggested last month that it would be producing its own accessories range, after revenue falls. On top of that, the company also plans to team up with Firefox to help build operating system presence.

No word on launch date or availability for the smartwatch yet, or if it even will become a reality. Fingers crossed, as it all sounds rather exciting.

Hunter Skipworth

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