British Airways has paired up with Designworks to produce clever electronic baggage tags that feature a display which can be updated via your smartphone. Using what looks to be an e-paper display, you beam your details over to the baggage tags via NFC and they will auto update on to the tag's screen.

The idea is to try to save on paper as well as to speed up check-in times. The smartphone-based update will even bring new barcodes to the tags in an attempt to stop your baggage getting lost. 

While the tags aren't yet scheduled to go into production proper, BA is planning a live trial of the tags, with what we hope will be a plan to launch them. It's a really clever idea, which we hope will stand up to the test of baggage handlers.

Whether BA will start handing out the intelligent tags free of charge, or if other carriers will support them, remains to be seen. It's a clever gadget, but true efficiency would only come if every airline started to enable their use. Fingers crossed.

Hunter Skipworth

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