Samsung has launched a production version of its Curved OLED TV which it demoed in prototype form at CES this year. Unveiled at an event in Seoul, the television looks to be available only in Korea for the time being, at a price of 15 million Korean won, or roughly £8,500.

Samsung describes the TV's design as a "timeless arena", which is marketing talk for a curved television. The reason for the bend in the set is because it can create a wrap-around viewing effect as well as keeping the distance from the TV to the viewer the same regardless of angle.

LG had been involved in a bit of a battle to get the world's first curved OLED screen to market. LG's EA9800 is the alternative to Samsung's own Curved OLED set.

Samsung says it ships with a special multi-view function which means you can watch two different TV programmes live at the same time. The screen has such a rapid response time that it can update itself with two different images at once.

It also ships with a set of exclusive 3D glasses with built-in earphones, that allow you to watch and listen to separate TV programmes simultaenously. 

The set will also ship with Samsung's own Evolution Kit, that promises to keep the set updated with Samsung's latest software after launch. No confirmation of UK sales yet for the OLED TV, with Samsung likely to be trialling it in its home market first.

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