The White House and First Lady Michelle Obama joined Instagram on Wednesday, with the official residence of the US President having already uploaded a picture of the First Family travelling by helicopter to Africa and a video of them later landing.

The current administration is quite fond of social networking and has apparently added Instagram to its growing portfolio of platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Vine. The Obama 2012 election team previously used President Barack Obama's handle to post on Instagram, although that account has been inactive since his re-election in November 2012.

The official accounts have launched nearly a week after Facebook introduced Instagram video, and it's yet another indication that the new feature is a resounding success. Instagram announced last week that users had uploaded 5 million videos within the first 24 hours of the its unveiling.

ReadInstagram hits 5 million video uploads in first 24 hours - much to the dismay of Viners

In fact, users enjoyed the video feature so much that they uploaded approximately 40 hours of video a minute at peak. This didn't sit well with Vine users, though. They promptly posted on both video-sharing services to mock Instagram's "too long" 15-second video functionality.

Despite scoffing by Viners, The White House now has more than 7,000 followers on Instagram. Mrs Obama, who has yet to post anything, has over 1,000 followers. In comparison, President Obama's account has more than 2 million.