Sky Go is due to get a major update later this summer, which will see a new-look design implemented across apps. As well as the redesign, Sky will be bringing four new catch-up TV channels and the ability to use Sky Go Extra for free for Sky Multiroom customers.

Sky is yet to give a specific date, but "later this summer" you will be able to access catch up TV from Fox, Universal and SyFy via Sky On Demand. If you opt for the Entertainment Extra pack then its also possible to watch on demand Disney content as well. Worth noting, this content won't be on the Sky Go app, just via the set top box. 

Next we have a redesign, which Sky promises will bring easier navigation and larger thumbnail images while browsing the On Demand library. An update is also promised for the Xbox app, bringing in the new Microsoft user interface. Unfortunately, we don't have a huge amount more on the redesign just yet.

An interesting new twist is that Sky Multiroom customers will be able to use Sky Go Extra to download and store shows for offline viewing. Multiroom users will get Sky Go Extra for free. Again we don't have a specific date here, but Sky says early July. For those wanting to give it a go, all you need to do is add Sky Go Extra to your account over at

Naturally all these new features will need an internet connection and Sky hasn't detailed whether or not it  will be lifting the two device limit on Sky Go, but we doubt it will be. We will be posting more on the new look Sky when we are given date specifics.

Hunter Skipworth

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