As regular readers will know, there’s one daily grind that never gets us down at Pocket-lint, and that’s our regular caffeine fix. We love coffee.

We love long coffees, strong coffees, short coffees, milky coffees, iced coffees. We love coffees served just about any way you can think of, but most of all we love good coffees.

And “good” doesn’t just mean how it tastes either. We’re big fans of doing the right thing wherever and whenever we can, so, a new source of Fairtrade and ethical coffee, is right up our street.

What we really like about this is just how easy it is to get good coffee delivered. Choose a subscription, based on how much you drink, and they’ll send you a new stash of coffee every month.

And every drop of it will be sourced from only the best suppliers, with the most reliable ethical standards. Shipping to the UK is free, and the rest of the planet is at reasonable rates. And if you’re quick you might get your hands on one of their swanky tote bags when you order too.

Great tasting, ethically sourced coffee by subscription is one of the best ideas we’ve seen in ages