Here’s something delicious to start the week - an old favourite that's had a bit of makeover and is now even more palatable.

The is the first stop for many people when looking for new recipes and new ideas in the kitchen. We featured the iPad app a while back, simply because it’s an absolute godsend in the kitchen. The site has always been fast, easy on the eye, easy to use and best of all customisable – you could collect your favourites recipes into your own folder for easy reference.

All that’s still true, but it’s better on all fronts.

Finding what you want takes seconds and it’s had a redesign that makes it look much cleaner on screen and is easier to navigate round.

The best enhancement for us though is that you can now organise your recipes into sub-categories, to help you to find stuff even more easily. If you’ve got a favourite menu for when friends come over, you can stick all those recipes together for easier access.

We love the app and we love the site. Nice work Aunty.