Screenshots taken from the rumoured Sony Xperia ZU smartphone appear to confirm the rumour 6.4-inch display size of the still to be released device. On top of that, they show it will be powered by a Snapdragon 800 processor, with a 2.2 GHz clock speed and 2GB of RAM.

That's a lot of power. As we know from out time spent with Snapdragon 800 demo devices at CES, it's a fairly incredible processor, promising a supposed 75 per cent performance increase over the last generation.

The system screens also show that the phone will have a proper Full HD 1080p screen, as is the trend with flagship Android devices of late. That translates to 342 ppi. However it is important to remember that these measurements might not take into account software Android buttons, which could mean a smaller screen in real world use.

As for a launch date, Sony currently has two planned events on 25 June and 4 July, whether the Xperia ZU launches at the first or second, we really can't be sure. 

Images of the phone have been leaked previously and they appear to show a design almost identical to the Xperia Z, albeit a lot bigger. Whether it will retain the waterproof and dustproof credentials remains to be seen. 

Hunter Skipworth

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