Dixons, the UK retail group that trades as PC World and Currys, has told reporters that it has seen an unrelenting stream of tablet sales in the past year.

According to the man in charge, Sebastian James, devices like the iPad, Nexus 7 and Galaxy Note have contributed to a triple-digit increase in tablet sales in the last year alone. 

"Less than a third of UK households now have a tablet and we also think these are personal devices so there's lots of road left in this particular product," explained the UK chief exec.  

The same can't be said for desktops and laptops however, which are set to be outsold by tablets within the next two years if sales forecasts turn out to be true. Asus, which makes the Nexus 7 Android tablet, has previously told Pocket-lint that it expects tablet sales in the UK to outperform its laptop sales in 2013. Dixons, it seems, is enjoying the boom as high street chains like Comet and HMV struggle. 

For the core PC manufacturers like HP and Dell, who have yet to really get into the tablet market, it looks like they are going to need to get a tablet sharpish, otherwise they could find themselves eclipsed in the post-PC future.

Not surprisingly, based on historical sales, James forecasts "another big tablet Christmas".

Hunter Skipworth

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