Cancer. It's a conversation-stopper of a word, isn’t it? An ugly, brutal word, worthy of the hideous disease that will touch just about everybody's life in one way or another. And recent reports suggest that even more of us than previously thought will develop cancer in some form. It's a scary and sobering thought.

But it's not the automatic death sentence that it once was. Far from it in fact. Survival rates have never been better and treatments are becoming more effective every day. One of the keys to surviving cancer,  as most people know, is early detection, and that's why the new campaign launched tWi-Fi certified acis week by Samuel L. Jackson is so important. is trying to do two things: raise money for a new diagnostic imaging centre at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London, and also to get us blokes to be a little bit less shy when it comes to getting ourselves checked. Many women regularly have check-ups for various types of cancer, but us fellas are a little more coy. And it's killing us. Literally.

So, come on chaps. Time to get serious, get checked and get your wallet out to help beat cancer.