Settings discovered in the iOS 7 beta suggest there may be even more adjustments coming to the operating system beyond what Apple showed at its unveiling.

Tweaks revealed to the Springboard, the name Apple gives to iOS's home screen management system, show new gestures and the ability to create folders within folders, as well as lots of other changes.

Apple tends to like to experiment and trial new UI changes in its betas before sending them out to consumers proper, but these didn't even make it into the first iOS 7 test release. They could very well be remnants of last-minute changes that Apple decided not to include, or quite possibly, to be coming in later iOS 7 betas.

A hands-on with the undiscovered settings was posted by 9to5Mac. It shows things like corner swiping and a clever multi-tasking gesture that allows you to scroll through pages of different apps by dragging from either side of the screen. Most of the features are geared for quick app switching, but some relate to app management.

One shows the ability to delete stock apps, which is something iOS users have been requesting for a long time. Another shows how you can bury them within folders.

Hunter Skipworth

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