Facebook recently sent out invitations to a 20 June event, with few recipients having much idea of what exactly the social network had to unveil. It now seems things may not be Facebook related at all, more an Instagram event under which short video functionality will be unveiled.

Facebook owns Instagram, which currently lets users capture only still images. Vine however, which was put together by Twitter, is all about recording short videos. Since launch it has become increasingly popular and we imagine Facebook will be wanting to get in on the action.

The rumour comes from a source speaking to TechCrunch, who suggests that Facebook's own invitation for the 20 June event was actually a red herring, set to distract people from the fact it could be connected with Instagram.

There have been rumours of an Instagram video service for some time, with suggestions of a five to ten second video sharing function being built. Whether or not Instagram's own filters will be included remains to be seen, although this could be a unique selling point over what Vine currently offers.

I guess we will have to wait until 20 June to find out. 

Hunter Skipworth

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