Lego has given the go-ahead for a Mars Rover model after its fan-built design received massive support on its Cuusoo page. Lego Cuusoo is like a Kickstarter for Lego models, where users can submit their own designs and, if they gather more than 10,000 followers, have them put into production by Lego.

The designer will even receive 1 per cent royalty from Lego for models sold. This particular Mars Curiosity Rover model has been designed by Perijove and includes a downloadable Lego digital designer file, so you can also put your own version together.

The set looks almost identical to its real-life Curiosity Rover counterpart, albeit being made out of Lego. The Model was up against a Star Wars Sandcrawler model and a Portal 2 set.

Lego is still to announce pricing and availability of the Curiosity Rover model, but we imagine designer Perijove is seriously happy with himself. What's more exciting is that Perijove was one of the mechanical engineers who worked on the real-life Curiosity Rover, so for those after an accurate Lego model, we can think of none better.

The model even has realistic suspension, just like the rockers designed to tackle the harsh Mars landscape. For those interested, you can enter your own ideas to the Lego Cuusoo website here.

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