Leaked pictures of Sony's Xperia ZU or Togari have appeared showing the phone in all its 6.44-inch glory. Blurring the lines between the world of 7-inch tablets and mega-sized smartphones, the ZU is said to be the next device from Sony's revised smartphone wing.

The ZU's name is all to do with its size. Currently the Xperia Z boasts a 5-inch 1080p screen, the "U" in the Xperia ZU stands for ultra, hence the ultra-big 6.44-inch screen. The phone is likely being planned to take on Samsung's own Galaxy Note 3, which will no doubt boast a fairly beefy screen.

The phone is said to be running Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and will use a Full HD 1080p display, just like the Xperia Z. Expect a quad-core processor inside as well. Whether or not it is waterproof and dustproof like the Xperia Z remains to be seen.

Sony recently sent out invitations for a 6 July event which featured text written with a stylus. To us, this is an indicator of a Xperia ZU smartphone in the works, with stylus included. Either way, expect 6 July to reveal all.

Hunter Skipworth

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