We mentioned this site last week when we first told you about Smeg’s plans to turn old Fiat 500s into designer fridges. It’s in Italian, but with English titles and navigation. And that made us curious. Why is it like that?

It’s not as if smeg.fiat500design.com lacks effort - it’s extraordinary. And it’s not because we expect all websites to offer an English-language version either - far from it. It just made us wonder why there was the language split online but the PDF catalogue you could download was translated.

And then it dawned on us. This is probably just the way they want it. There’s something about the Italian language that just makes this work. Even if you don’t speak a word. And it simply doesn't matter anyway. You still really, really want one of these things.

The way the pages and assets make their transitions is sublime and it’s a site that just keeps you moving through. When you’re designing a website, you start to think about a user’s passage around the site as a journey. And this is a pure pleasure cruise. 

We can’t wait for these extraordinary fridges to go on sale. Mainly to see if anybody fancies trying to do something similar with a few old Minis. Now that would be a cool new Italian Job...