One of the staples of many interviews with people of note is to ask them to recount the one thing they were told that has stayed with them. It’s the old, “What’s the best advice you were given?” or “What inspired you?” question. These are often fascinating insights into the minds of the great and the good.

But they're even more fascinating when you ask just anybody you come across as you travel the world. And that’s exactly what does.

Everybody has one thing, one phrase, one idiom, one idea that has been imparted to them during their life that has had a profound effect. Often, you didn’t realise it at the time, but later on you’ve come to understand just how important that one thing was.

Here you will see those phrases and ideas displayed by the recipients of that imparted knowledge. It’s a brilliant project devised by London-based photographer, traveller and all-round curious soul Mario Cacciottolo. As travelogues go, this one travels much, much further than most - into people's most innermost thoughts.

We like it.