Sony has confirmed that the PS4 will be region free when it comes to playing games. Announced by Sony executive Shuhei Yoshida via Twitter just a few hours after Sony's E3 conference, the PS4 will be able to play games from all around the globe.

Sony's PS3 was also region free, with publishers being able to impose restrictions if they wished. The PS3 was subject to Blu-ray region restrictions however, so whether this applies to the new Sony console remains to be seen.

Sony has pretty much addressed every criticism of Microsoft's Xbox One at its E3 conference. On top of the ability to take advantage of used games, Sony's new console won't require an always-on internet connection either. But you will need to subscribe to Sony's PlayStation Plus in order to play online multiplayer.

Prices for the PS4 will be £349 in the UK, retailing at $399 in the US. Given that it's region free, you could make quite a saving on importing one to the UK. Or alternatively, look at it like £75 off a flight to New York and as coming home with a PS4.

Sony's PS4 will be available by Christmas this year.

Hunter Skipworth

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