Sony failed to show us exactly what the new PlayStation 4 would look like when it first revealed its next-gen console, but has now pulled the covers off for all to see. 

The Sony PlayStation 4 console looks angular and sleek, with it's slanted design looking aggressive, like the sort of thing you'd find on a Lamborghini. Either that, or a slightly lop-sided Bourbon biscuit.

There are no rounded tops or curves here, everything is flattened. The new console will sit vertically or horizontally, so will either fit into your existing TV stand, or become a monolith showpiece in its own right.

The PS4 console sticks to the black and blue colouring that we've seen before from PlayStation, but we've no doubt that there will be special editions in the future. Like the Xbox One, it is finished in two tones, partly glossy and partly matte.

Sony has also revealed the PlayStation 4 UK price of £350 at E3 2013 - that's £80 cheaper than the Xbox One rival console. PlayStation 4 will be available to buy before Christmas 2013.