Amazon's pre-order pages for the PS4 and Xbox One are causing quite a stir, despite the huge listed price of both next-gen consoles. Right now the Xbox One is sitting at the top of Amazon's PC and Video Games chart, with the PS4 next in line.

Sony's console is beaten only by the Xbox One by just 2.3 per cent more sales going to Microsoft. The pre-order pages feature extremely high predicted prices for the consoles, with the Xbox One listed at £599 and the PS4 at the same price

“It’s not clear yet which of the two will have the edge when they launch later this year – what’s certain, though, is that fans are already excited about how the next generation of consoles will change the world of gaming and home entertainment.” said Xavier Garambois, VP of Retail at Amazon EU.

Xbox One preorders currently sit 20 per cent higher than that of the Xbox 360 when it launched eight years ago. Amazon should be adjusting the cost of the consoles once prices are finalised, but for now, it seems few of the pre-order bunch are bothered about the high price.

While details are still to be confirmed by both Sony and Microsoft as to Xbox One costs, we could end up knowing more at E3. Oh, and we would have used a pic of the PS4 and Xbox One in the image for this story, but Sony still hasn't let anyone see it. Roll on Sony press conference!

Hunter Skipworth

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