Hands up anyone who wants to own a sports car. Keep your hand up if you want a Porsche. Okay, now keep them up if you want to own a Ferrari. A Lamborghini? Ooh, I know: a Pagani Zonda? Hmm, quite a few of you then.

How about a McLaren? A few people wavering now, probably. We’ve gone from the attainable, through the slightly more outlandish but possibly manageable, to the realms of the really very serious, haven’t we?

A McLaren is a serious car, on and off the track. They don’t let just anybody drive for them and not just anybody will ever get to own one of them. They’re special.

If you want to know just how special, take a few moments out of your Monday to explore cars.mclaren.com.

This is a new site to match the performance and style of the cars it’s celebrating, with behind the scenes looks at the astonishing Norman Foster-designed McLaren Technology Centre near Woking in Surrey and interviews with some of the top people responsible for the production of some of the world’s fastest and finest automobiles.