E3 is just around the corner now - well, the other side of the planet, but you know what we mean - so it's time to look at the goodies in store for us when we land in Los Angeles.

Microsoft will be detailing the games it thinks will get you to choose its Xbox One next-generation console this Christmas. Sony will be revealing the PS4 itself. And Nintendo? Nintendo will be breaking the mould by not having an E3 press conference at all.

As well as all that, some of the hottest games are on the agenda, including Batman: Arkham Origins, Destiny and Call of Duty: Ghosts. And we talk about Oculus Rift and whether we think it will be a showstopper or not.

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Editor of news and features Rik Henderson is joined for the bumper edition by CEO and founder of Pocket-lint Stuart Miles and contributing editor Hunter Skipworth.

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