Mad Catz is set to join the Android games console market with a still to be unveiled console called Project M.O.J.O. The new piece of kit was announced in an earnings call by Mad Catz CEO Darren Richardson and described as an Android "micro console".

It is designed to be like a "supercharged smartphone" minus the display, which uses your television instead to play games. Think of it just like Ouya, except for with the backing of a major hardware manufacturer like Mad Catz. Like Ouya, it will be an open platform, so developers can bring whatever they want to it. 

Specifications right now are still under wraps, but Richardson was really keen to push just how powerful the console would eventually be. We imagine Nvidia will be involved somehow, with a Tegra 4 chip likely, although Project M.O.J.O will probably end up clashing with Nvidia's Shield device, which aims to do the same through one single controller.

Mad Catz recently announced a set of Tegra Zone compatible game accessories, which might mean the Tegra Zone comes to the Project M.O.J.O platform itself. Exciting stuff in the world of Android gaming, let's just hope they get it right this time, as Ouya turned out to be less than impressive at launch.

Hunter Skipworth

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