Microsoft has launched a special translation app for Windows 8 devices called Bing Translator. The app can use Windows 8 tablets' built-in cameras to scan and translate a range of items, including signs, transit schedules and even menus. 

On top of this, the app is able to translate entire sentences and can recognise more than 40 different languages. The app is reliant on a camera for translation, which means it' designed for the likes of Microsoft Surface and other camera-toting tablets.

That said, you can of course type in text and have it translated in real time, with the app speaking it out loud in the translated language. It is designed to integrate entirely with the rest of Windows 8, so if you want to translate from within an app, you will find Bing Translate sitting in the share charm.

Snap view is also supported with Bing Translator, so you can drag it to one side and run things through translation while you work. Impressively, the app requires no internet connection to work, which should make it useful for travel. You do need to download language packs before leaving, however. 

Supported languages range from English to Russian and even Klingon.

Hunter Skipworth

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