Samsung is rolling out a new update for its Galaxy S4 which fixes several of the problems with the previous firmware update, as well as implementing a few new UI tweaks.

The update, which should gradually be appearing on new Samsung phones from now, incorporates new camera firmware as well as adding the ability to record HDR video. On top of the camera tweaks, you can now move apps to the phone's SD card.

The Galaxy S4 has also been given a slightly different-looking UI. There is a semi-transparent status bar, new look icons in settings and the purple smearing issue experienced when scrolling text has also been fixed. 

At the moment the update is available only for the SGS4 with a quad-core chip. It is planned for the eight-core version of the phone as well, but when exactly that will be available is still to be confirmed.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has until now suffered from a strange smudging effect on text scrolling, particularly when you read black text on a white background. Let's hope that this update fixes it. 

Hunter Skipworth

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