Acer is to put up for auction a limited Star Trek Into Darkness edition of its Aspire R7 notebook. The laptop, which looks more like the Enterprise than a computer, is part of a special limited run of only 25 R7 limited edition notebooks to celebrate the release of Star Trek Into Darkness. 

Until now, none of the exclusive devices has been available to buy. Now Acer has just posted one of the R7 laptops on eBay, complete with its own bespoke product page that tells you all about the laptop's backstory.

Inside the Star Trek R7 box you get a special version of the laptop complete with Star Trek logo and a special sand-blast finish. Also included is a film poster signed by the movie's cast, special Star Trek wallpapers and videos, a soundtrack and a download of the movie tie-in game.

Acer Aspire R7 Star Trek Into Darkness Limited Edition

Bidding for the laptop is set to start on 14 June, with the auction ending on 24 June. Proceeds made will be going to a pair of charities.

"Acer is giving one lucky person in the world the opportunity to become the sole owner of the Acer Aspire R7 Star Trek Into Darkness Limited Edition Package," said Neil Marshall, managing director, Acer UK.

"We know this extremely rare limited edition will be a treasured prize for the winner, and it will also help two worthy charities further their missions of empowering military veterans and helping children in need." 

The R7 itself is a fairly high-end laptop. It uses a 15.6-inch touch screen sat in full HD, a 500GB hard drive with a separate 24GB SSD to keep Windows 8 running smoothly. Processing power comes in the form of an Intel Core i5, but no lastest-generation Haswell processor tech is there to be seen. 

For those who just want something Star Trek Into Darkness related, but don't need a laptop, Acer will also be auctioning a pair of signed movie posters at the same time.

Hunter Skipworth

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