A hotel in Ibiza is to use fingerprint reading technology powered by a company called PayTouch, to let guests check-in to their Facebook wall, share photos and post status updates.

The Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel will be the first hotel in the world to use the fingerprint Facebook-based technology. PayTouch can also manage payment at the hotel, so guests can pay for their holiday without cash. The Facebook app and interactivity is a new addition to the hotel's technology, with fingerprint payments being trialled last holiday season.

Around the resort is a set of totem poles adorned with HD cameras. You can link your fingerprint to your Facebook profile and then post information straight from the totem to the social network, via your fingerprint.

"The combination of these two interactive platforms, which have already worked well independently over the last two years, consolidates Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel as an innovative and pioneering property in hospitality technology, not only in Spain but also on a global level. We hope to be able to incorporate other social networks in the near future.’’ said Alfonso Giménez, associate director of marketing at Palladium Hotel Group

Those who are visiting the hotel for the second time should find their fingerprints stored on computer systems ready to be hooked up to Facebook. For those not familiar with the Ibiza Beach Hotel, it's one of the most iconic of the famous party island. You can check out its slightly alternative approach to room design over on its website

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