It’s barbecue season. Or at least it’s supposed to be barbecue season... and every barbecue chef needs the right tools. And courtesy of we thing we’ve found just about the best barbecue chef’s accessory there is: the tactical vest.

Anybody who regularly takes care of the barbecue cooking duties knows it’s not just slapping some supermarket meat on a hot thing and flipping it over occasionally.

Oh, no. You’re going to war. You need to plan your strategy days in advance, with the selection of only the choices cuts, the preparation of marinades, the pre-cooking and, of course, the most important bit, what you will be drinking while you’re slaving over a hot grill. It’s a campaign all right, so why not look the part?

And without this glorious site that scours the darkest regions of the web for only the finest things, we’d be none the wiser. So, we thank you.

Watch out burgers. Here we come.