Domino's Pizza is planning to use a remote-controlled helicopter - the DomiCopter - to deliver food. Resembling a Call of Duty-style UAV, but with pizzas instead of machine guns, the DomiCopter is set to take the pizza delivery world by storm.

While there's a whiff of PR stunt about Domino's plans, you still have to applaud it for putting the pizza-copter together. It is able to climb up hundreds of metres in order to avoid traffic, carrying pizzas below in a specially adapted cradle.

The Domino's Heatwave bags attached to the bottom of the DomiCopter should also help keep any pizzas warm. Domino's says it might launch a flight academy for the 'copters should the delivery service take off. We doubt it.

"At Dominos we’re always looking to innovate and find new ways to deliver our pizza and a DomiCopter could fit the bill perfectly," said Simon Wallis, sales and marketing director at Domino's. "We are the number one pizza delivery company and we are committed to staying in that position.

"What better way to totally avoid the traffic than to fly - if anything this will now make us even quicker! We think it's a great way to reinforce that Domino's go to more lengths than anyone to deliver great pizza."

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Hunter Skipworth

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