As I write this, I am sitting on the veranda of a rented holiday home in the foothills of the Sierra Nieves in Spain. It’s beautiful (and luckily, hooked up to a half-decent broadband connection). I’m here with my family and we’re having a lovely time, but this will almost certainly be the last proper holiday we take for quite a while. Why?

Well, to be blunt, kids are expensive. It takes money to give them the things they need and want (they often have trouble separating those two for themselves) and one thing that often has to go by the wayside is exotic holidays. So anything that takes some of the expense out of keeping your little ones clothed and entertained is welcomed by the majority of parents.

Nearly new sales are well established, especially with organisations like the National Childbirth Trust, but they generally need you to be a member. And that’s not for everybody.

A good alternative that we’ve found is, where parents can find out about sales near them and get ready to offload all this stuff they don’t need and take ownership of a load of other stuff they won’t need a in a few months.

This is isn’t the kind of stuff that you see gathering dust in your local jumble sale either. As a general rule, the gear you find here is well cared for and simply in need of a new home. And because it's parent to parent trading, you're all in the same boat.

Highly recommended.