There’s an awful lot being said at the moment about how evil the internet is and how perverts and pornographers are running roughshod over both common decency and the law alike. No change there then. The net has always been a dark place, and the sad bit is that you’ve never had to look very far to find a bit of that darkness.

But there are chinks of light, rays of brilliance that shine bright enough to put all the nasty stuff into the shade. And we reckon that is just such a ray of light.

Here they’re trying to mobilise the next generation of people who will do incredible things with digital technology and judging by their launch event last week, it’s going to be an exciting world if this lot get cracking.

In an age when the online world is being seen as the root of all evil, it’s gratifying to know there are some good people out there and they really are fighting the good fight.

We like this one and reckon some of the kids you’re seeing here could be the big names of the tech world in just a few years.