O2's long-standing deal with BT Wi-Fi is to come to an end. The network has traditionally included access to BT's 4,200 premium managed Wi-Fi hotspots dotted about the country with most of its mobile phone deals.

The network will lose the BT Wi-Fi access but will continue to enjoy an 8,000 router-strong network of O2's own Wi-Fi hotspots. From the end of June, O2 customers will no longer be able to use the BT Wi-Fi hotspot network free of charge, benefitting instead from only O2's own offering.

A page on O2's website reads: "Goodbye BT Openzone. Hello O2 Wifi." It explains how customers can take advantage of the switch and even details how to stop your smartphone attempting to auto connect to the soon to be non-O2 friendly BT hotspots. 

For those who currently take advantage of BT's offering, O2's doesn't have quite the same scale and scope. It is offered in the likes of McDonald's, Debenhams, Costa Coffee, All-Bar-One, House of Fraser, Café Rouge, Toni & Guy and O2 Stores.

If you do fancy keeping up the BT subscription, it's going to cost you. Right now 2,000 minutes for five days is around £27. You can see full price lists on BT's website

For city dwellers the lack of BT Wi-Fi probably won't pose an issue, but for those outside it could mean the loss of some very handy internet access. O2 Wi-Fi does have its own Android and iOS app however to help you locate fresh hotspots. The 8,000 routers also outnumber the premium offering BT included with O2, so chances are, you won't notice a difference. 

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