The next time anyone says to you that you're not seeing "the big picture" you can simply send them this link:

This incredible image of Cannes on the French Riviera, brought to us by the nice people at Chivas Regal whisky, shows the home of the famous festival in all its glory. It's claimed to be the world's longest panoramic photo and who are we to argue? It’s certainly an epic Photoshop job, if nothing else.

With its outstanding detail, this elongated image really shows off the glitz and the glamour of one of the world’s most famous festival destinations. You can zoom in on the faces and places that are staples of the celebrity pages of magazines and newspapers the world over at this time of year. It doesn't matter whether the Cannes Festival is really your thing, you have to admire this picture.

We are reliably informed that the whisky is very good too.