The launch of Arrested Development series 4 managed to take up more than half of all Netflix traffic in a single day. On top of this, the Arrested Development launch also accounted for double the number of views as the other Netflix exclusive, House of Cards.

Clearly, opting for a bespoke content approach is seriously playing in Netflix's favour. Amazingly, according to the Procera report which details the Netflix viewing figures, one single DSL network had 36 per cent of all Netflix users watching Arrested Development. As much as 10 per cent of all viewers made it as far as the final episode.

What is most important to consider is that the Xbox and PS3 made up the highest percentage of Netflix viewing. This should explain why Microsoft made such a heavy push for TV content during its Xbox One presentation.

The company didn't even begin to mention gaming on the console until well over half way through the Xbox One's reveal. Microsoft knows it already has that market nailed down, so this kind of Netflix viewing figures are what they will be looking to take on next.

For those interested, Netflix currently has the final series of Arrested Development available to watch, in its entirety, on every device.

Hunter Skipworth

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