Spotify has announced a new Discover page which brings clever personalised music recommendations to every user of the streaming service. It works by bringing together Spotify's own algorithm, with Spotify apps such as Pitchfork and Songkick.

The result is a set of daily personalised recommendations based on your listening habits. On top of this, Spotify will send you lists of new releases from artists you are following and even let you know when they might be playing live next, via Songkick.

One interesting twist is Spotify's new ability to play related music. Each song you play will bring about another track that Spotify thinks you might like. It's all very reminiscent of

“With the Discover page, we’re making good on our promise of helping you choose what to listen to when faced with millions of songs,” said Gustav Söderström, chief product officer at Spotify.

Discover has launched on Spotify's web player, so you can check out the new set-up over at Irritatingly, the Discover service isn't live yet on Spotify's apps or its desktop player. We have reached out to it for a date for launch.

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