There's nothing more life-affirming than being told you're a genius. It doesn't happen that often, at least for most people it doesn't. But if you're a Twitter user, that's just what might do for you.

There are any number of online surveys and quizzes that purport to tell you how smart you are but, for the most part, they're utter nonsense.

This isn't though. It's actually based on some science. The app analyses your last 1,000 tweets (fewer will do too - that's just the maximum they use) and generates a report that tells you all sorts of useful stuff about how you use Twitter.

Your efficiency, your speed, the length of time you spend tweeting, your most used words and hashtags - it's all here.

They use this to give you a rating, and that's possibly where you might get to be called a genius.

We've all done it, and it was a real eye opener. Especially those of us whose most used words weren't the kind that would make our mothers proud...