The BBC is planning to bring iPlayer radio downloads to its catch-up service. It comes as part of an increased effort by the BBC to offer similar radio and television catch-up options.

The BBC Trust has now approved proposals to offer the catch-up downloads, but this doesn't mean you will see immediate changes to iPlayer radio. The BBC plans to bring iPlayer radio downloads to the platform by 2014.

At the moment, those who watch TV content on iPlayer have the option to download and store it for 30 days. Once downloaded, you have seven days to watch it once you have started. The same will apply to iPlayer radio.

Currently iPlayer radio content lasts for only seven days after the original broadcast, so the extension to 30 days will be a big bonus. 

So far the BBC has actively pursued an increased radio presence within its catch-up offerings. The result was the launch of the iPlayer radio app for smartphones and now this, the planned ability to download and store radio content on any number of devices.

Hunter Skipworth

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