Apple's new iPhone 5S might end up with a screen boasting double the pixels of the current generation iPhone 5. That would mean 1.5 million pixels in just 4-inches of display, which should make for the sharpest smartphone screen on the market.

On top of the resolution bump, rumours also point to an iPad mini-style ultra-narrow screen bezel, which might mean the iPhone 5S is actually getting a hardware redesign after all. This would break tradition with Apple, who tends to update internal specifications of its phones every other year.

The rumours are coming from Chinese website and seem to suggest the phone will launch with iOS 7 in tow. This is most likely, given that Apple tends to debut software updates with new hardware.

Most rumours point to a September release for the new iPhone, with production starting in June. This should mean Apple has something to show at WWDC on 10 June, although no guarantees. Either way, we will see what iOS 7 is going to look like and judging from rumours, it should be a rather exciting redesign.

It has been a long time since Apple updated the Retina display technology in its smartphones. Right now the iPhone 5 lags far behind the Android competition in terms of sheer screen resolution. Perhaps the iPhone 5S will push Apple back into the lead again.

Hunter Skipworth

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