Following Apple's recent profit drop, it looks as if Foxconn might start to produce its own accessories range. According to sources within the company speaking to The Wall Street Journal, Foxconn is now looking to gain new clients and reduce reliance on Apple.

Foxconn saw a 19 per cent revenue fall in Q1 2013, which fell in line with Apple's first profit drop year on year in a decade. Foxconn plans to start providing both the parts and labour for technology, rather than just assembly. 

The really exciting news is that Foxconn is planning to sell its own branded accessories to match up with Apple products. Built in house, they could consist of headphones for the iPhone, or a case for the iPad. It is even possible Foxconn will start selling electronics it produces directly.

Apple has had a fairly quiet year so far in 2013, releasing no new products. Expect something to be unveiled, be it software or hardware, at WWDC on 10 June. The company's CEO Tim Cook has promised new products will be coming from Apple in autumn this year, so Apple will likely be ramping up production around now.

Either way, Foxconn is clearly keen to reduce the dependence it has on Apple for profit and production. On top of this, the manufacturer is obviously looking for a way to make its own products at a profit. 

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Hunter Skipworth

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