Moving from print to screen is a big step. Newspapers are trying to do it, magazines are starting to make it work quite well, and, arguably, the advertising world is starting to make the move successfully too.

But there has been one transition that has proved more successful than any other: books. EBook readers have been around for a few years now, and it's no longer that unusual to see almost every member of a train carriage with their noses stuck into a Kindle or an iPad. They just work. Yes, there are downsides - you can't easily lend somebody your eBook when you're done with it, and you probably won’t form any emotional attachment to a digital file as you would with a favourite dog-eared paperback, but they really do make the leap from paper to pixel very well.

The other downside is what to do with your old books once you make the move. If you fancy recouping some of the cost, try here you can input your ISBN and they'll give you a value for your unwanted tome. Print out the free postage label, send your book and sit back and wait for the cash to roll in.

There are other similar services, but this is our favourite. Quick, simple and very elegant. They also give cash for CDs, DVDs and games.