Leica has launched a teaser for its new Mini M camera, with the as yet unseen snapper positioned between its flagship M range and the more affordable X2.

The Mini M could be a micro four thirds offering from Leica, or even a more compact full-frame camera. Either way you can be sure of two things: it'll be expensive and it will be nice as anything to look at.

Leica's M9 has been leading the way in the world of compact full-frame digital cameras. Designed for street photographers and collectors, Leica's M range tends to be priced in thousands of pounds, offering build quality closer to that of an expensive watch than a conventional digital camera.

The Mini M will be announced on 11 June and rumours suggest a fixed-lens camera designed to compete against Sony's RX1. Alternatively it may use an interchangeable lens system and Leica lenses. If it's the latter, expect it to be pricey.

Exciting stuff from Leica. It has been a long time since the manufacturer announced a new addition to its digital line-up. Expect many a street photographer to be breaking out the chequebook come 11 June. 

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