Further details have emerged on Apple's new look iOS 7. The revamped operating system sounds as if it might be a more significant redesign than we imagined, with a clean and simple black and white design never before seen in an Apple product.

According to sources speaking to 9to5mac, it will appear "black, white, and flat all over.” This means no more complex textures and distracting elements. Rumours also point to Flickr and Vimeo being heavily integrated into the operating system. 

Apple appointed Jonathan Ive as the man in charge of the iOS overhaul and he is known for his love of design simplicity. Ive dislikes something called skeuomorphism, or mimicking real life objects in digital design. The iOS does a lot of this, using paper textures for iBooks or a leather effect for the calendar. Expect the majority of this to go with iOS 7.

Apple is expected to unveil the new look iOS 7 at its WWDC conference on 10 June. Ive has been under immense pressure to do something fresh with iOS as senior vice-president of industrial design. Expect whatever Apple unveils to be as different as Windows Phone 7 was compared to Windows mobile.

Hunter Skipworth

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