The Sony Playstation 4 will be released in the UK this year, bucking the trend of Sony's later-to-UK release schedules for previous Playstation releases.

We already knew the next-gen console was due to market "holiday 2013" - but that Americanism had made us ponder whether UK shores would see the console arrive pre-Christmas or not.

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A full-page advert in today's Metro London newspaper has it in black and white - well, more blue and white - which clearly states "coming 2013" in bold capitals.

"Now is the time. World's greatest players are going to entertain, create and amaze on the ultimate stage. This year, a new generation will push the boundaries of play and share in moments of wonder. This year players will become legends," the advert says. 

Pocket-lint chatted to Jonathan Fargher, Sony's senior PR manager for Playstation UK, who confirmed it will be a pre-Christmas release, but was tight-lipped on any specific dates or further pricing information.

This year is going to be a classic showdown, just like the good old days. PS4 or Xbox One, which will prevail? We don't yet know. We're just excited at the prospect of playing not one but two next-gen consoles after Santa's been down the chimney.

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