There is plenty in the world of Lego that is mind-blowing, but nothing comes even close to this full 1:1 scale reproduction of the X-Wing. At 5,335,200 bricks, it matches up to its real-life counterpart for size and weighs more than 20,000Kg.

The model is a gigantic reproduction of Lego's classic X-wing set and will be making an appearance in New York's Times Square over the next few days. Unlike its smaller counterpart, this scale model allows you to sit inside and even has engines that glow and roar just like the X-Wing would from the movies.

Even the interior is recreated accurately, so you can re-live that classic Death Star bombing run scene all from the comfort of your Lego X-Wing. Produced by Lego in the Czech Republic, the model is built to withstand transportation using a clever steel internal infrastructure. Who knows, it might eventually make a trip to the UK.

Apart from the astonishing weight, the sheer scale of the X-Wing is also unbelievable. It has a wing span of 44ft and measures 11ft in height. The model took around four months to build and was put together by a team of 32 builders. 

If you fancy seeing more pictures of the X-Wing in action, Lego has a large gallery of images over on its Facebook page.

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