Occasionally, just occasionally we are struck dumb by something we are sent. Sometimes it’s an exclusive story, or a sneaky peek at an upcoming new gadget. Sometimes it’s just something so mind-blowingly awesome that you simply can’t find the words. Think the first iPhone, 4K tellies, the Nintendo Wii.

Then there’s yummypets.com.

It's a new social network.

For pets.

A “social petwork”.

Still with us? You read that right. This is a new service to the UK but it’s the “number one social network for pets in France” (there’s more than one?!).

Anyhow, once you take a look, you’ll see that pet owners will love this. If you’re on Facebook, you’ll probably have a few friends who just love to post pictures of their dog doing “funny” things, or their cat being a bit of dick. So there’s clearly an appetite, and this will feed it quite nicely. It’s actually a well-built social tool as well, with familiar features and an already vibrant community.

And, bearing in mind that us Brits are generally a bit potty about our pets, it's probably going to be a roaring success.