A new Microsoft advert for Windows 8 tablets uses Siri to show off the shortcomings of the iPad when compared to a Windows 8 tablet.

Pitted against the Asus VivoTab Smart, Microsoft shows how the iPad lacks the ability to run multiple apps at once, multi-task and create spreadsheets. It ends with Siri saying, "Let's just play chopsticks", which is a crack at Apple's now fairly iconic iPad mini adverts that feature a piano being played on the tablet.

The advert also takes a crack at the iPad's price, pointing out that a 64GB iPad is around $699 (£464) in the US, while the Asus in 64GB form is $449. This isn't the first time Microsoft has resorted to dirty tricks in order to take on Apple, similar techniques were applied back in the days of Windows Vista and just look at how successful and operating system that was. 

Then of course there is the Nokia Lumia and Samsung wedding fight which Microsoft recently released in order to show of Windows Phone 8. The knives are clearly out with Microsoft's advertisers, but does it really work? Does Microsoft come across as a touch jealous? Or does its product innovation genuinely excite? You be the judge. 

Hunter Skipworth

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