Lexus and Inrix have teamed up to create one of the most awesome in car satnav systems we have seen. Inside the new Lexus IS is a navigation setup capable of detected free parking spaces around you and directing you to them.

Things don't stop there either, the service can even show price differences between car parks and send you to the cheapest one closest to your destination. The car parks do need to be connected to Inrix's services, which is a shame, but the total number of car parks involved at present is more than 42,000 across Europe, so city dwellers will benefit.

On top of this, the Lexus IS also incorporates real-time traffic information into its navigation system. Select a destination and your drive will automatically be re-routed via the fastest available roads. It works by analysing data such as accident information, weather and even a crowd-sourced network of other vehicles stuck in traffic. 

“Lexus drivers expect high-performance luxury vehicles, capable of making smarter, more fuel and time-efficient journeys, said Paul Van der Burgh, director of Lexus Europe, adding: “Our aim is to provide Lexus drivers in Europe with a navigation system that smartly routes them around traffic and finds them the best place to park once they arrive at their destination.” 

The new Lexus IS is designed to take on the likes of BMW's 3-series and will ship in both conventional and hybrid forms of drive. On top of the clever navigation technology you also get a 15-speaker Mark Levinson premium surround sound system as well as clever touch-sensitive air conditioning controls.

Next up, let's hope for real-time street parking spaces. In the meantime, there is always Parkopedia to enjoy.

Hunter Skipworth

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