If you're lucky enough to be employed somewhere that supports flexible working, you’ve probably stretched the boundaries of where it’s possible to do some work from time to time.

Trains, planes, boats – they all have Wi-Fi these days. Heck, you can even get connected halfway up a mountain with the latest 4G dongles.

But one place that’s seen a boom in hosting the army of flexible workers is the once humble coffee shop.

If your cup of hot coffee doesn’t come with a code for the establishment’s wireless network, they’re simply doing it wrong. Some places will let you stay all day too. You just need to buy the occasional top-up of your decaf soya latte.

And there’s something about the ambience, isn’t there? There’s something about the place that just gets those creative juices flowing. And it’s not just the caffeine.

At least, that’s certainly what coffitivity.com would have you believe. And it's got research to prove it. No, really.

Here you can plug into that ambience anytime you like, with the pre-recorded coffee shop soundtrack. Not the piped jazz or the latest dance floor filler. Oh no. It's the sounds of a coffee shop going about its business – the clink of the cups, the chatter of the customers, the ringing of the till and all those other humdrum noises.

Weird, but somehow captivating, and if you work alone you might find it strangely comforting.