Wacom has launched the Bamboo Loop app for iPhone and iPod Touch. Designed a bit like Paper, except with pictures, the app is all about sharing photos with friends. 

You can use the app's built-in photo editing tools to sketch and scribble over images. Those pictures can then be sent with text attached to photos and sent to friends and social networks. The Loop side of things comes from the fact you can send the editing picture straight back to its sender.

In its most basic form, you have a photograph framed with a white border. You can then browse backgrounds, card shapes, patterns and even photo filters as well as put text on the image and draw over them. If you want to expand your editing repertoire, then Wacom charges £1.49 for a pack of four effects.

The digital cards you create are shareable via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as well as being integrated with Tumblr. The app is available to download now for free from iTunes. The Android app is also planned for launch "very soon".

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Hunter Skipworth

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