There aren’t too many things more soul-destroying on the phone than hearing those dreaded words “if you’d like to pay your bill, press 1”. Because then you know you’re heading into a labyrinthine world of options, sub-options, dead ends and hang-ups, all in the vain hope of actually getting to speak to another human being about whatever your problem is.

IVRs - interactive voice responses - appeals to companies because they're efficient, measurable and don’t take tea breaks. Most customers hate them because they’re time-consuming, dehumanising and in many cases expensive to use – they’re rarely freephone numbers these days, are they?

But now we have a new consumer champion in the shape of – a site that’s been grabbing its fair share of the headlines as it sets out to tackle these horrible automated services.

This site has mapped hundreds of companies’ call systems and come up with shortcuts.

This means you can search for who you need to call, and get through to the right department in seconds rather than minutes.

We love this idea and hope it’s a huge success.